Shake-a-Sieve MkI

MkI used the sieve running on rails made of coat-hanger wire ( quite a handy material) with no casters. Just a bit of silicon grease. It rested on a wheel barrow. There are two kinds of behaviour when the machine operates: when empty the sieve moves well, but when full its mass exceeds that of the frame and saw so the sieve tends to stay still and the frame moves! (action and reaction). MkI threw itself to the ground quite dramatically. MkII has a substantial timber frame, rests on the remains of an old folding travel cot, and the carriage is on casters. There is still a lot of reaction but the motion of the entire assembly contributes to the sieving action.

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Computing has got a lot more complex since I first started with a Tandy TRS80 with 4k of RAM. Huge memory size, graphic interfaces, the Internet , and now there is Blogging. Today I achieved a Herculean labour of sorting out the garage so the car fits in again. We seem to have loads of stuff belonging to our three children. I have added some detail to my workshop page.  Is this a “blog”?

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What matters not is what you achieve, but that you get off the sofa in the first place.

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